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Meditation & Breathwork

In this workshop we'll go over a few different meditation and breathing techniques so you can find some inner peace and quiet.

Part of the workshop is dedicated to practices you can use throughout the day to stay centered.

This workshop is for those with little or no experience with meditation & breathwork.

Friday April 14

7PM - 9PM

De Mokke (Antwerpsesteenweg 219)

€35 per persoon

Acroyoga Inversion


Connect with each other through yoga. In this workshop we'll cover some basic flows and exercises you can do together.

No experience in partner yoga or acroyoga required. Some experience in yoga is recommended but not necessary

Saturday May 13

10AM - 1PM

Movement Meditation

This workshop is for those who say "Meditation is not for me, I can't sit still that long. Well guess what; you don't have to sit still! In this workshop we'll try out a few meditation techniques that keep you moving.

No meditation experience required.

Friday June 16

7PM - 9PM

Male Dancer
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